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On the beach in Srima
On the beach in Srima
Srima is a small Adriatic resort town right next to Vodice and looking onto Prvić Island. The settlement has by now totally merged with Vodice - the border line between the two places is in Lovetovo Bay.

The beach in Srima is the longest one in the area and it's also considered to be one of the longer ones in Dalmatia, too. The 2 km long beach stretching from Lovetovo down to the southeastern end of Srima is only broken by the harbor area in the center. To ease access to the sea the coast, which was a rocky one in its original format, has been covered with pebbles and gravel all along. Behind the pebbly coastal strip a belt of tamarix trees secure natural shade.

The accommodation options in Srima start with Hotel Duje, the bulk of the beds available are found in family-run apartments and rented rooms. About a dozen small camps add color to the options - these have been established on the yards of houses, mainly in Lovetovo and on the southeastern ends of Srima.

There is a larger supermarket in the town center and more smaller groceries, bakery that cater for the daily basic needs - or, one can go shopping to neighboring Vodice or to Šibenik (10 km). Several restaurants, taverns and bars serve the hungry and thirsty guests of the town. Club Hacienda, one of Croatia's the most popular night clubs is located just 2-3 km off of Srima, by the Adriatic main road, the Magistrala.

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Detail of Srima Beach
Detail of Srima Beach

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